The Stavros Manuscript

The Stavros Manuscript

The Stavros Manuscript
Published by The Marion/Manville Press


Leonard Stavros claims to speak virtually every language on Earth. He also claims to be a former intelligence agent who specialized in cracking complex codes and ciphers. But then, Leonard is psychotic, his madness fueled by an all-consuming obsession with a 700-year-old book written in what may be the most diabolical cipher ever devised. A cipher Leonard cannot crack, and which torments him with relentless, merciless cackling.

Yet even as he fights to escape the book's stranglehold, Leonard meets a beautiful young woman with her own strange fixation. A woman he feels he has met before. Perhaps, he thinks, in a dream. But a woman, nonetheless, who knows Leonard better than he knows himself—and who, it seems, may be his last hope for salvation.  

From the author of The Things of Man comes a story of arrogance, loss, and a desperate struggle for redemption.

Praise for The Stavros Manuscript:

"Wholly mesmerizing. . . . a thrilling mystery within a tender love story. . . . wonderfully strange and engrossing.”
–Kirkus Reviews

"Merges psychological, historical, and supernatural themes to create a mind-bending, weirdly fascinating tale filled with mouth-watering twists. . . . I enjoyed every bit of it!"
–Manhattan Book Review

"An ambitious literary puzzle that succeeds in building a character who exists in a liminal space between Kafkaesque fantasy and reality."
–Indie Reader

"A psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the final turn of the page. . . . Fans of A Scanner Darkly and House of Leaves will enjoy this labyrinthian thrill ride."
–San Francisco Book Review

"Ingriguing and exciting. . . . Vince Wheeler had me engaged from the first page."
–Readers' Favorite

"Fast paced and deeply cerebral . . . Wheeler's writing is adept and entrancing, fashioning a narrative that is always in flux and always more than it seems."
–Independent Book Review

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344 pages | 979-8-9883190-0-9 | October 24, 2023